Introductory Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

Dragan Vukmirović
Faculty of Organizational Science, University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
17th SymOrg International Symposium
September 07-09, 2020
Belgrade (online session)
Information Revolution, The Fourth Paradigm, Big Data, Data Science, Artificial intelligence. Business transformationData Science in organizationsBusiness AnalyticsMIP – Prototype of the Model of intelligent enterpriseBuilding a Data Science team.Data Scientist – Skills/knowledge needsA Review of Future and Perspectives of Data Science
Case study: Applications of Data Science in Tekijanka d.o.o.  

Expected tutorial outcomes: acceptance an easy-to-understand the basic presented concepts A practical introducing in Data Science and its business applications: basic knowledge and confidence, andneed for potential digital transformation of your organization into an innovative, efficient, and sustainable company of the future by implementing a data science concept – creating value through data.


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