AI Against the Coronavirus

AI Against the Coronavirus

The Batch: AI-Against-Coronavirus Datasets, Voice Cloning for the Masses, Finding Unexploded Bombs, Seeing See-Through Objects, Optimizing Training Parameters

AI could make a life-saving difference in the fight against Covid-19. To assist in the effort, several organizations are contributing open datasets. You can use these resources to analyze trends or launch your own project.

You might also want to join efforts like Kaggle’s Covid-19 competitions.

New York Times Case Data: The New York Times is documenting confirmed Covid-19 cases at the county level. This may be the most granular, comprehensive case dataset available to the public.

Covid Chest X-Ray Database: Researchers at the University of Montreal offer a database of labeled Covid-19 chest X-ray and CT images. The corpus is updated frequently with data from scientific publications and contributions from the medical community.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Weather Map: This map tracks temperature readings from internet-connected thermometers made by Kinsa Health. It provides a fine-grained, albeit noisy, signal of the infection’s prevalence across the U.S.

We’re glad to see so many members of the AI community stepping up to address this crisis. If you want to recommend relevant resources or projects, please let us know at

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