Professors, Don’t Be Scared. Teaching Online Is Great.

I’ve been thinking about that experience as a number of universities—the University of Washington, the University of Southern California, Harvard, Ohio State, and many more—have announced that they will be moving to online instruction to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Across the country, instructors who, like me, struggle with turning on the class projector will need to jump in and quickly master the much-needed skill of online teaching.

CASE STUDY: Harvard University

On-campus class and residential restrictions 

Effective March 10 and until further notice:  

  • We will begin transitioning to online instruction for all graduate and undergraduate classes. The goal is to complete this transition by March 23. 
  • Students are asked not to return to campus after Spring Recess and to meet academic requirements remotely. 
  • Students who need to remain on campus for extenuating circumstances will also receive instruction remotely and must prepare for severely limited on-campus activities and interactions. 
  • All graduate students will transition to remote work wherever possible. 
  • Schools will communicate more specific guidance, and we encourage you to review your School and Program-specific coronavirus page for more information


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