COVID-19 virus within the Republic of Serbia

COVID-19 virus within the Republic of Serbia

This is a data analysis report concerning the visualisation of the COVID-19 virus within the Republic of Serbia.

(Visualisation in R)

To monitor the effective of the introduced measures focus made on daily cumulative cases of COVID-19 infection that can be expressed as:

Although F(x) can show the volume of epidemic it does not tell us directly about the changes in the acceleration of infections spread. This information can be provided by the derivatives of the F(x).

  • The first derivative F′(x) corresponds to the information of the number of the new cases detected every day; and
  • The second derivative F″(x) provides the information about the acceleration of the epidemic.

F″(x) ≈ 0 indicates the state of stagnation,

F″(x) < 0 indicate deceleration, and

 F′′(x) > 0 indicate acceleration

The following figure enables us to observe the change to the acceleration in relation to the governmental measurements:

The difference of pandemic in the ex-YU region.

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