15/02/2021 – Preporuka za danas

15/02/2021 – Preporuka za danas

The Complete Guide to Decision Trees

Marco Peixeiro. Toward Data Science, 2019


A complete introduction to decision trees, how to use them for regression and classification, and how to implement the algorithm in a project setting

„A single decision tree is often not as performant as linear regressionlogistic regressionLDA, etc. However, by introducing bagging, random forests, and boosting, it can result in dramatic improvements in prediction accuracy at the expense of some loss in interpretation.

In this post, we introduce everything you need to know about decision trees, bagging, random forests, and boosting. It will be a long read, but it will be worth it!“

For hands-on video tutorials on machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, checkout authors YouTube channel.

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